The Hovenring is a suspended circular bicycle bridge commissioned by the Dutch city of Eindhoven.  This ele­vated 360-­degree bike circuit is Eindhoven’s answer to traffic congestion.  Bicycle traffic accounts for approximately 25% of the area’s traffic.  City officials estimate that 5,000 cyclists pedal on it every day, making it one of the busiest bicycle ways in the country.

It’s comprised of a 230-foot high pylon, 24 steel cables, a circular bridge deck and approximately 1000 tons of steel.  The cables are attached to the inner side of the bridge deck, right where the bridge deck connects to the circular, concrete counterweight.  To ensure stability, concrete was added to sections of the bridge deck.

Soon after the pylon was put in place, the steel cables started vibrating visibly.  Vibrations like these (caused by the wind) are nearly impossible to predict.   After extensive research by structural experts, two types of dampers (high frequency and low frequency) were attached to the cables, solving the vibration issues.