An entrepreneurial couple from Iowa developed an industrial-strength solar road panel that may revolutionize the transportation industry.

These solar road panels (Solar Roadways) are a modular paving system composed of solar panels that can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. The housed solar cells convert sunlight into energy that can be used to power the roadway elements, electric vehicles, homes, businesses and other facilities. In theory, the roadway would pay for itself over time through energy savings.

Performance Statistics:

  • The solar panel’s texture glass coating provides the same tire traction as asphalt roads, even in the rain.
  • They can withstand a force in excess of 250,000 pounds, or more than 3 times the weight of a semi-truck.
  • The solar panels include heating elements to remove snow and ice.
  • Roadway striping and pavement marking can be implemented through LEDs built into the panels.
  • Cable corridors are built in to store and treat stormwater.


Solar Panels (Parking)