San Diego County Water Authority completed work on the $838-million expansion of the San Vicente Dam in Lakeside, east of San Diego.  The dam is now 337 feet tall, an increase of 117 feet and the reservoir will hold 242,000 acre feet of water, an increase of 152,000 acre feet.  The water authority expects it to take between two and five years to fill the reservoir to its new level.

The additional height will enable the region to capture more water during wet years to use in times of drought.  It’s the final piece of San Diego County Water Authority’s $1.5 billion emergency water storage system of reservoirs, interconnected pipelines and pumping stations, that will ensure the region has a six month supply of water in the case of an emergency or future drought.

Most of the water to fill the reservoir will be imported from the Colorado River and Northern California via the Metropolitan Water District.