Visitors at Germany’s Düsseldorf Airport can pay a robotic system named Ray to park and retrieve their cars.  Drivers can leave their cars at the arrival level of the ParkingPLUS structure.  As they leave, they confirm on a touch-screen that no one is in the car.  The robot valet, nicknamed “Ray,” takes it from there.  Ray uses a system of sensors to photograph and measure the vehicle, pick it up and transport it to one of 249 parking spots available to the automated parking system.  Ray then monitors flight schedules to calculate when a car should be retrieved for its owner.  If a traveler’s itinerary changes, Ray can be contacted via an app.

The introductory rate for robot valet parking at Düsseldorf is 29 euros ($39.59) per day or 4 euros ($5.46) per hour. Although the airport is targeting business travelers in a hurry, the service is open to anyone.  If airport customers use the robot valet, airport officials said they would consider expanding the system.